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Zweieck team

Zweieck fulfils software needs and wishes

Dr. Roland Zoder, proprietor of zweieck
“Everything is possible – we will make it work.”

Manuel Moser, Master of Science, programmer
“That’s not a problem at all – it’s not difficult, I’ll have it done in a moment.”

Manuel Moser has been programming since he was 14 years old – mostly large applications in perl, php, C and C++ (sometimes also open source). Owing to his well-founded education, Manuel Moser is responsible for all demanding tasks regarding databases. His specialties include testing and the development of (distributed) embedded systems. Furthermore, he possesses extensive knowledge of hardware description languages (VHDL, Verilog) and of micro controller development. He is also the one who creates cool designs for all zweieck applications.

Dr. Monika Zoder, Office Management
“Power comes from peace.”

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