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Company profile

zweieck has been providing IT services for companies since 2004.

Our motto is “Quick help for a fair price”. Our solution competence is both broad and varied and our priority is our customers’ satisfaction as well as the consideration of their wishes and needs. We are proficient in the use of

We specialize in the creation of databases and the programming of real-time systems. As a software developing company, we offer software solutions for:

zweieck provides high quality on cost-efficient terms. “The zweieck guys have really helped me, and for a good price.” is something we hear quite often.

The team at zweieck solves your software problems competently and inexpensively. This is what we are here for. Profit from our individualized support – call us now!

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About us

widget1Your team at Zweieck consists of Qt programming experts creating flexible databases and software solutions. [more]


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widget3phone: +43 (1) 25 300 25 - 263

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