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Improved communication

With the help of a new icon patients now can easily forward (more…)


Delete result from patients result

Patients can now delete their results from the results overview. Just press the dustbin icon_delete


LabResult with Video

Logging into LabResult is now much easier  – on our landing page you’ll now find a video demonstrating how easy it is to start with LabResult!

Press to Play!

ZePlanner 6

New ZePlanner release

We proudly announce a new version of ZePlanner standard – our medium enterprise solution. This release contains some bug fixes and improvements in performance and usability.
You can download and test our new software here:
Download ZePlanner

ZePlanner 3

ZePlanner in new design

The next version of ZePlanner in new and modern design will soon be released. (more…)


Improvement of Task Copying in ZePlanner

In Zeplanner’s day view it is possible to copy an entry (pressing Ctrl+C) and then insert that task on another day (more…)


BefundPost in new Design

The new Design for BefundPost has been finished. It improves user experience and lets you find the information you need more quickly.

For new users an intro explaining the usage has been added.


ZePlanner has a new client: EAH

EAH – Elektro Anlagen Huber from Landeck/Austria.

The next steps for ZePlanner:

  • DayView with optimized header
  • History – who did what and when?
  • Improvements for FastPlan – even easier, even quicker
LabApp news

Mobile Access to LabResult

The mobile access to your lab data is coming.

Latest features for LabResult:

  • Change your password – graphical feedback for the quality/security of your password
  • Change your username – you can replace the automatically generated username you received at registration with your own.

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