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LabResult – Get your medical results online

LabResult offers a comfortable access to laboratory results for doctors, hospitals and patients.

It gives you a better overview. All relevant results can be accessed for free via your personal computer, your tablet PC or your mobile phone.

Laboratory results online – your advantages

LabResult is a comfortable and secure solution for the communication between laboratories, hospitals, doctors and patients. It is a very cost-efficient and time-saving way to transfer data.

Comfortable online access to your laboratory results – register now
LabResult is a free service for doctors, hospitals and patients. They can view all relevant laboratory results at one glance and with their historical development. You can download the laboratory results with one simple click and print them (PDF).

The laboratories can create an account for hospitals or registered medical practitioners. Interested patients need to register personally. Many laboratories employ LabResult already in order to provide a quick exchange of online laboratory results.

Register now: List of our connected laboratories – the platform for your laboratory results online

With just one click, registered medical practitioners or hospital employees can access an overview of their patients’ laboratory results. This reduces waiting times and delays caused by mail delivery.

Patients profit as well:

Patients and uploaders can view the laboratory results comfortably with the help of the LabResult software solution. The laboratory results are available within the system directly after uploading. If you have individual requirements, we will be happy to implement them swiftly.

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