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ZeFlex – the database solution for your company

With ZeFlex, zweieck provides you with a flexible programming framework for your database.

The tool offers the basis for creating company-specific databases. It stands on the firm ground of our combined, decade-long experience in Qt programming.

ZeFlex – simple yet powerful programming

ZeFlex enables you to create a clear and user-friendly database. Its Qt programming allows several people access at the same time. This is an essential advantage compared to Access programming.

ZeFlex – the benefits for your company

Many companies use Access databases and relinquish a more flexible solution because they are not aware of the more powerful alternatives. ZeFlex offers you more than a rigid Access database.

Please contact Manuel Moser for the creation of your database!

ZeFlex – the benefits for programmers

Contrary to Access databases, this framework is easily expandable. It supports the use of many different database types. Further highlights offered by ZeFlex:

ZeFlex also contains an integrated testing system which monitors reading and writing processes.
Learn more about the alternative to Access!

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